Root Canals

Root canals are performed to remove any infections within the tiny canals in your tooth. Infection in the canals can spread to the pulp inside your tooth, causing it to become diseased and creating more extensive problems. Contrary to popular belief, root canals aren't as painful as they say! Dr. Borchers is committed to providing the utmost care to ensure patients across the Hill Country including Kerrville, Fredericksburg, and Boerne feel as comfortable as possible during this procedure.

What to expect

Root canals typically take one or two appointments. During the first appointment, the patient will be administered local anesthesia to numb the affected area. The doctor then creates an opening at the crown of the tooth, making sure to remove or clean the pulp, nerve tissue, and bacteria if necessary. After the tooth is cleaned, the tooth will be sealed with a dental filling. The final visit will entail placement of crown on tooth to add strength and restore functionality.

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