Dentures are removable appliances that act as replacements for missing teeth. They are custom-crafted to closely resemble a patient's natural teeth to leave them speaking, chewing, and smiling with confidence. There are two types of dentures:

  • Complete dentures - Complete or "full" dentures are used when all natural teeth are missing

  • Partial dentures - Partial work for individuals who still have some natural teeth intact. They are attached to a metal frame that connects with one's natural teeth and fills in the spaces where teeth are missing.

    What to expect

    A denture procedure generally requires a couple of appointments over the course of several weeks. During the first visit, molds will be taken of the teeth to create customized dentures that's right for the patient. Typically, patients can expect to make several visits to ensure a comfortable fit. In some cases, patients will e xperience excessive saliva flow and minor soreness, but will stop after a short time. Just as natural teeth, they need to be properly cared for. A gentle cleanser should be used to brush dentures, always making sure to keep them moist when not in use. Call our office today at (830) 257-2331 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Borchers, and see why the Texas Hill Country including Kerrville, Fredericksburg, and Boerne chooses us for their dentures needs.